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Choosing the right luggage

Backpack or duffel bag, wheels or no wheels, soft or hard shell suitcase..
There are so many luggage options available now! So, which one is the best?
It simply comes down to the type of travel you are doing and what you’re comfortable with carrying/ dragging.
I have used many different bags throughout my travels, including wheeled duffle bags (international travel) , backpacks (the only way to go when over landing in Africa) and the common soft suitcase (domestic and international travel, road trips).
For my upcoming trip to Chiang Mai, a suitcase is the best option as once I’m there I’m staying in a hotel and there won’t be a need to drag a suitcase or lug a backpack all over town. Unfortunately my beloved old soft (although all for sides and the back were quite firm) suitcase has certainly seen better days and it’s time for a new one. Question is, soft or a hard shell?
I researched the pros and cons of soft vs hard shells, hoping that it would make the decision for me, after all, how hard is it to pick a suitcase? Very hard, believe it or not!
Here are the cases…

American Tourister Prismo 75cm hard case

American Tourister Applite 71cm soft case


My choice? The hard shell Prismo case
Why? While the soft case is lighter, it will provide better protection for any breakable souvenirs I may buy, it is slighter bigger (I plan on shopping a lot!), and it has the two large compartments – I’m still not sure on how I feel about this, and the extra room it requires to open up the case completely, but there’s only one way to find out!
Which do you prefer?